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The 2M$ light-painting shot – Tube Stories 159

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The 2M$ light-painting shot – Tube Stories 159

Date: 2020-03-16 23:29:38

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With Kim Henry, Christian Dion, Sasha Busko‐Piñero, Efren Herrera
Nathan Dappen, Jeremy Lloubes, Ed McDonough, Laurent Siroën, Matthias Thomas Lamotte, Guillermo Castellanos, Valentin Lecorps, Tony Stranges
Patrice Leblanc.

(EriC) On the last episode, we produced a two dollars picture, and that’s a way for us to make sure that the technique is as accessible as possible.

(Kim) But on this one, let’s go to the extreme opposite and make a 2M dollar shot.

(EriC) Just to be clear, I didn’t put that money on the table today to make this one. This is simply the approximate amount that I invested over the last years to get that equipment, but mostly, to build a software that can handle what I had in mind. Multi-camera work is my main business, and light-painting is the driving point to pursue this adventure.
Increasing the number of cameras is mostly about being able to slow down the action and capture a full 360-degree image in various ways in order to push the boundaries of multi-camera art. This is our playground, our dance stage, our creativity arena

There are no light-painting tricks in this new video. But this shows how I turned a personal project into a dream job. In 2012, I worked every day for 3 months before publishing my first-ever light-painting project. I was fully dedicated to this and I knew that if my work would be good enough, I would be published in major photography magazines and then transform this into a real business. There are many ways to achieve your dreams, and I’m sharing my experience with the hope bringing some light in your life.

— About the Tube Stories
We are Kim Henry and Eric Paré. We are a dancer/photographer duo making our way using a tube, a feather, and a flashlight. Everything we do is lit by hand, one frame at a time. Light-painting for us is a lifestyle, and this is what we share with our audience. The purpose of the Tube Stories is to bring a brighter and more colorful night to whoever is going to cross our path. Our work has been presented on the BBC, CNN, MTV, VICE, TEDx and much more.

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